New Solventless Flavors from Matt Rize!!

Sour Tangie live rosin by Matt Rize

We just received a fresh batch of amazing solventless extract products by Matt Rize including... 

  • Sour Diesel live rosin
  • Sour Tangie live rosin
  • Sour Cookies ffwp ice wax
  • Sour Tangie ffwp ice wax
  • Sour Diesel ffwp ice wax   

All hash is extracted from cannabis grown at Rize Ranch using 'no-till beyond organic' permaculture methods, and is 100% solvent-free. Incredible purity & therapeutic strength.

The Sour Tangie 70u ice wax is a staff favorite! Great flavor & very strong sativa dominant effect!   

We also have Sour Diesel live resin from Matt available to our members as well! 

Hand-crafted Rosins From Cali Sift Co. Are Now Available!

We just received a fresh batch of award winning flower-rosins and sift-rosins from Cali Sift Co. including... 

  • Zkittez flower rosin - $70 per 1/2 gram - official collab with Zkittlez
  • Banana Meringue Pie flower rosin - $60 per 1/2 gram
  • Strawberry Banana flower rosin - $60 per 1/2 gram - AMAZING FLAVOR! 
  • Area 31 OG flower rosin - $60 per 1/2 gram
  • Candyland sift rosin - $30 per 1/2 gram - Staff pick. Very terpy! 
  • Strawberry Bubblegum sift rosin - $30 per 1/2 gram
  • Pineapple OG sift rosin - $30 per 1/2 gram
  • Frisco Cookies sift rosin - $30 per 1/2 gram

All four flower rosin products are premium quality, and have excellent terpene profiles & therapeutic strength. The Strawberry Banana has a beautiful flavor that tastes just like its name! The sift rosins are an amazing value considering the purity, quality, & potency.  

Rosin is a 100% solvent-free form of extract that is made using heat & pressure. 


Calling all fans of loud citrus terps!! We just received a new DELICIOUS batch of Clementine #5 flowers and sift-rosin masterfully grown and extracted by The Village. This sativa dominant hybrid bred by DNA Genetics is a cross of Tangie and Lemon Skunk. The terp profiles of both parents come through in its beautiful citrusy skunky flavor. After vaporizing it the room is filled with a wonderful "orange-soap and funky sweat" aroma. The medicinal effect is crisp, energizing, and euphoric. This cultivar might be particularly effective for patients interested in elevating mood and treating mild nausea. This exclusive phenotype of Clementine was discovered by The Village. This is one of our favorite Tangie crosses by DNA Genetics released thus far. AMAZINGNESS!!  

We are Sacramento's Solventless Headquarters

Here at SSCC we LOVE solventless extracts! We carry the largest selection of connoisseur quality solventless extracts available anywhere in Northern California. 

Whether you're looking for ice wax, rosin, 99% dry-sift, or distillate... we have you covered!

We carry a wide variety of world-class solventless products produced by many of California's most highly revered and exclusive solventless hash makers including Matt Rize, Rez Heads, The Village, Baroni, Higher Ground Farms, Elevated Extracts, Skunk Werks, Cali Sift Co, Trichadelics, Full Flava Extracts, Pure Headies, & more.

Solventless extracts are produced without the use of hydrocarbon-based solvents. Many hash connoisseurs and patients alike are of the opinion that properly made solventless extracts are cleaner, more flavorful, & have greater therapeutic strength than that of solvent-based extracts.

High quality solventless hash is an extreme rarity at dispensaries throughout California because it's very challenging and expensive for both growers and hash makers to produce. Here at SSCC, providing our members with world-class solventless extracts is our speciality. 

Please stop by and check out our selection of solventless extracts. You won't be disappointed!


Sour Diesel ice wax grown by Str8Organics & processed into hash by Rez Heads is currently available to our members. 

This 100% solvent-free ice-water-concentrate was extracted from freshly frozen whole-plant Sour Diesel that was grown organically in a greenhouse.

Not your average Sour D, this closely held phenotype of Sour Diesel has been a flagship for Rez Heads since they brought it to the scene in 2014. It delivers a very rich gasoline flavor along with a strong buzzing therapeutic effect. Patients seeking a strong sativa dominant concentrate that's suitable for daytime use might find this product particularly beneficial. Just a dab or two provides a strong energizing medicinal buzz that can be effective for treating both pain & nausea.