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Str8Organics was established in 2014 by Sacramento locals. Exclusive phenotypes acquired from Jungle Boys put them on the map fast. Str8Organics boasts one of the strongest online followings in the California cannabis industry and returns the support with community outreach. In light of recent disasters they have focused on raising money for victims of the California fires the last few years.

Str8 Organics worked with J.D.I. Farms to bring us the superb strains for this drop. It is our third time featuring Str8 on our shelves and you know what they say, third time’s the charm!

White Tahoe Cookies - A frosty cross of The White x Tahoe OG x Girl Scout Cookies this bud takes the best from each strain. The strong euphoria from The White, relaxing body sedation from Tahoe OG, and the spicy, nutty flavor of GSC.

Frittlez - Bursting with candied orange flavor this Forbidden Fruit x Skittlez cross will wake up your taste buds and your mind. The only Sativa dominant strain in this drop but it sure does shine.

Wedding Cake - One of the most popular new strains of 2018, Wedding Cake is a cross of Triangle Kush x Animal Mints. When you first inhale you taste pungent, earthy goodness but the exhale is sweet. The high is quite substantial with this strain, not recommended for beginners.  

WiFi43 - This strain is a budtender favorite at SSCC known for its reliable robust high and a distinguished, woodsy OG Kush flavor. Definitely pick this up if you are an OG enthusiast.

Sunset Sherbet - When you open a jar of Sunset Sherbet the sweet grape scent hits you first, followed by mint and spice. A cross of Girl Scout Cookies x Pink Panties, the GSC heritage is apparent in taste as well as the supremely enjoyable mental and physical bliss.


The Str8Organics family has lost a member recently. If you would like to support please follow this link Thank you.

Article & photography by Courtney Wagner