Str8Organics Brings the Heat Again!

Over the years Str8Organics has cultivated a brand focused on organic, first-class greenhouse flower. The passion for excellence is apparent in the rich terpene profile, high cannabinoid count, and superb frostiness of every nug.

Part of what makes this flower so excellent is the commitment to distinct, elite genetics. Str8Organics put strains like Papaya and Str8 Lemonade on the map!

Established artisans in the industry like the legendary Frostynugman have collaborated with Str8Organics to produce award-winning concentrates. In 2018 they won First Place Solventless Concentrate at the Emerald Cup for their Str8Papaya rosin.

This weekend Str8Organics launches their website! It spotlights their new lineup of merchandise, which features gorgeous macro photography of their strains on everything from backpacks to sweatshirts to hats.

WEDDING CAKE - 24% THC - This happy Indica has a powerful lineage of Triangle Kush and Animal Mints. This particular drop of Wedding Cake is already a hit with customers for its reliable relaxing effects, rich oaky flavor and slight head buzz that keeps you active if need be.

MIMOSA - 27% THC - Clementine and Purple Punch meet for one of the best tasting, uplifting hybrids out there. With such a refreshing taste of crisp orange and vanilla bean, this bud is best enjoyed in the morning like a good cup of OJ for breakfast or a midday treat to boost productivity.

WIFI 43 - 24% THC - For those who prefer a more savory palate for bud, this phenotype of White Fire OG has an earthy inhale with a slight tangy aftertaste like that of a vinegar barbecue sauce.


Article and photography by Courtney Wagner.