We now offer RECREATIONAL CANNABIS to adults age 21+. Must have a government issued photo-ID to enter. No physician's recommendation required. Signing up and making purchases is fast and easy! 

First time customers are required to provide us with their government issued photo-ID and sign a membership form agreeing to our facility guidelines. We do not share our customers information with anyone! 

SSCC customers are forbidden from consuming cannabis products at or near our premises.

When leaving SSCC with cannabis product, please be discreet & keep your bag out of sight. Do not open your bag until you are at home.

Do not use cannabis before or while operating a motor vehicle or other heavy machinery.  

Until May 1st 2018, people under 21 years of age can still access our dispensary and purchase medical cannabis if they posses a valid physician's recommendation to use medical cannabis as well as a California issued photo-ID. 

CALL US FOR MORE INFO, 916-393-1820.

First-time customers at SSCC receive 10% of their first donation!