We just received an amazing drop of flowers & live rosin from master grower Str8Organics. Over the last 5 years Str8Organics has established himself as one of California’s top growers. He is renowned for his high-level growing techniques & producing superlative quality cannabis products.

Currently we have the following products available from Str8Organics


  • Wedding Cake - Indica (Triangle Kush x Animal Mints) $40+tax 22.17%

    Tasty kushy flavor with undertones of wood varnish and marshmallow puffs. This one delivers a very strong full-bodied high that stands out from the rest. One of the strongest strains out there! Str8Organics does a phenomenal job with this one!

  • Pre-98 Bubba Kush - Indica (Classic clone only Kush strain) $40+tax 20.27% THC

    This classic kush variety is legendary for its earthy classic kush essence & for its soothing indica therapeutic qualities. This one might be particularly suitable as a muscle relaxer.

  • Papaya - Indica $40+tax 23.12% THC (Unknown Genetics / Pure Indica)

    Mouth watering silky fruity flavor with strong notes of peach rings. Very strong indica effect that medicates the body without being too heavy and sedative.

  • Sunset Sherbert - Indica Dominant (related to Cookies) $40+tax 22.91% THC

    This Cookie offshoot has the signature essence of classic bay area Cookies. Mellow hashy spicy flavor. Delivers a strong relaxing indica high that’s great for unwinding.

  • Mendobreath - Hybrid (Cherry Pure Kush x Mendo Montage) $40+tax 21.33% THC

    This variety bred by Gage Green Genetics has a unique woodsy meaty flavor that’s hard to describe. Nice crisp balanced high throughout the body and mind.

  • Wifi - Indica Dominant (The White x Fire OG) $40+tax 26.23% THC

    Calling all OG lovers! This classic bred by OG Rascal has a classic woodsy OG Kush essence with notes of fuel and wood varnish on exhale. Very strong high!

  • Peach OZ - Hybrid - (Peach Ringz x OZ Kush) $40+tax 20.57% THC

    Smooth exhale with notes of peaches & classic kush. Delivers a nice relaxing “in the zone” high that’s very tranquil but not too heavy.

LIVE ROSIN … Extracted by FrostyNugman - 100% Solventless Hash Oil Made From High Grade Water Hash.

FrostyNugman is a hash making wizard, and produces some of the highest quality extracts available anywhere! If you haven’t tried his products, you need too!

  • GMotorbreath - Indica Dominant Hybrid - GMO x Motorbreath $100+tax

    Very tasty exhale with notes of Chem Dog. Tastes of vintage fabric and wood varnish. The high on this one will really get on top of you!

  • Papaya - Indica Dominant $100+tax

    Crazy flavorful! Mouth watering silky peachy exhale. The high has powerful indica properties without a heavy crash.

  • Cakebreath - Indica Dominant Hybrid - Wedding Cake $100+tax

    Super powerful! Incredibly strong full-bodied indica effect. This is one of the strongest indica extracts we have in-house!



STR8 LEMONADE VAPOR CARTRIDGE - Made from the highest quality distillate out there!


Amazing Drop From The Village!

We have a phenomenal batch of flowers grown masterfully by The Village

Wifi Mints  - (Wifi 43 x Animal Mints) - Amazing fuel and mint exhale! 

Strawberry Banana - (Banana Kush x Bubblegum bred by Reserva Privada) - Very tasty bubblegum taste and balanced euphoric high. 

Banana Punch 9 - (Banana OG x Purple Punch F2 bred by Symbiotic Genetics) - Tropical pineapple flavor and tranquil indica effect.

Wedding Crasher 4 - (Wedding Cake x Purple Punch F2) - Kushy aroma and soothing relaxing indica high. 

Mimosa V6 - (Clementine x Purple Punch F2) - Delicious citrus and haze flavor along with a soaring euphoric 'productive' high. 

OG Kush - (Classic clone-only kush. Unknown genetics) Old school kush exhale along and a relaxing medicinal body high. 

Wedding Cake - (Triangle Kush x Animal Mints) Delivers the strongest indica buzz on our menu. Tasty kush terps with hints of marshmallow and vanilla. 

Motorbreath 15 - (Chem D x SFV OG) Woodsy fuel flavor and a strong buzzing body and cerebral high. 

$50 per 1/8th + tax

Pictures and descriptions by Eric Solomon


Pictures and descriptions by Eric Solomon.