Another Victory for The Village


Three strains are featured for this drop of magnificent flower from The Village. Wedding Cake is back for the first time in a while and it is supremely funky. White Durban and Jungle Cake have been making the rounds lately but this incarnation is possibly the best for both.

In more Village related news, the highly anticipated release of Modified Grapes and Kombucha are soon to come. The date has not been announced but the strains will be on our shelves in a couple months!

White Durban (White Fire OG x Durban Poison) 22.07% THC - Flavors of crisp, fresh grapefruit and pine takeover for this incredibly vigorous hybrid. The high is sharp and uplifting.

Wedding Cake (Triangle Kush x Animal Mints) 25.04% THC - This bud is aggressively earthy, like walking through a garden laid with fresh soil on a dewy morning. Despite all the pungent, classic OG goodness there’s just enough vanilla to perk your sweet tooth and mind.

Jungle Cake (White Fire OG x Wedding Cake) 25.04% THC - Similar to Wedding Cake in scent but not quite as bold for the nose. A slight buttery taste cuts through the funk making for a creamy exhale. This is a mighty powerful smoking experience, plan a whole lot of nothing after a couple hits.


Article and photography by Courtney Wagner.