New Solventless Flavors from Matt Rize!!

Sour Tangie live rosin by Matt Rize

We just received a fresh batch of amazing solventless extract products by Matt Rize including... 

  • Sour Diesel live rosin
  • Sour Tangie live rosin
  • Sour Cookies ffwp ice wax
  • Sour Tangie ffwp ice wax
  • Sour Diesel ffwp ice wax   

All hash is extracted from cannabis grown at Rize Ranch using 'no-till beyond organic' permaculture methods, and is 100% solvent-free. Incredible purity & therapeutic strength.

The Sour Tangie 70u ice wax is a staff favorite! Great flavor & very strong sativa dominant effect!   

We also have Sour Diesel live resin from Matt available to our members as well!