We are Sacramento's Solventless Headquarters

Here at SSCC we LOVE solventless extracts! We carry the largest selection of connoisseur quality solventless extracts available anywhere in Northern California. 

Whether you're looking for ice wax, rosin, 99% dry-sift, or distillate... we have you covered!

We carry a wide variety of world-class solventless products produced by many of California's most highly revered and exclusive solventless hash makers including Matt Rize, Rez Heads, The Village, Baroni, Higher Ground Farms, Elevated Extracts, Skunk Werks, Cali Sift Co, Trichadelics, Full Flava Extracts, Pure Headies, & more.

Solventless extracts are produced without the use of hydrocarbon-based solvents. Many hash connoisseurs and patients alike are of the opinion that properly made solventless extracts are cleaner, more flavorful, & have greater therapeutic strength than that of solvent-based extracts.

High quality solventless hash is an extreme rarity at dispensaries throughout California because it's very challenging and expensive for both growers and hash makers to produce. Here at SSCC, providing our members with world-class solventless extracts is our speciality. 

Please stop by and check out our selection of solventless extracts. You won't be disappointed!