Clementine Flowers & Sift-Rosin By The Village Are Now Available!

Specials In photo are expired!

Calling all fans of loud citrus terps!! We just received a new DELICIOUS batch of Clementine #5 flowers and sift-rosin masterfully grown and extracted by The Village.

This sativa dominant hybrid bred by DNA Genetics is a cross of Tangie and Lemon Skunk. The terp profiles of both parents come through in its beautiful citrusy skunky flavor. After vaporizing it the room is filled with a wonderful "citrusy soapy and funky sweat" aroma.

The medicinal effect is crisp, energizing, and euphoric.

This cultivar might be particularly effective for patients interested in elevating mood and treating mild nausea.

This exclusive phenotype of Clementine, "#5", was selected by The Village after testing many phenotypes and choosing the #5 pheno as his keeper. 

Clementine is one of our favorite Tangie hybrids by DNA Genetics released thus far.