Cherry AK-47 By The Village - An SSCC Staple

We pride ourselves our carrying some of the best Cherry AK-47 you'll find anywhere!

Cherry AK-47 is a highly coveted phenotype of AK-47; a hybrid cultivar bred by Serious Seeds that has one countless awards in both indica and sativa categories. 

The highly sought after "Cherry" pheno is slightly more sativa dominant, and has very unique flavor and effect.

The classic AK aroma can best be described as "pungent, skunky, & overly ripe;" akin to overly ripe fruit & rotting compost.  

The effect  is soaring and euphoric. A great daytime variety for boosting energy while staying medicated. This cultivar might be particular suitable for treating nausea. Powerful therapeutic characteristics without much lethargic or sleepy effect. 

The Village grows this stain with great mastery. They have been consistently growing this variety for 8 years, and their experience with growing this strain shows in the flowers superlative quality.