Banana Punch #9 Live Resin By The Village x Critical Concentrates

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Banana Punch #9 ffwp live-resin grown by The Village and processed by Critical Concentrates is currently available to our members. 

Banana Punch was bred by Symbiotic Genetics, and is an indica dominant cross made up of Banana Kush and Purple Punch F2. The "#9" phenotype was selected by The Village, and is Banana Kush dominant. 

The aroma and flavor of this extract is reminiscent to fresh banana rind; very similar to Banana Kush. 

The cerebral indica effect is hazy and stony without a heavy body-high. Ideal for relaxing the mind in the evening and increasing appetite. 

FFWP or 'fresh-frozen-whole-plant' extracts have a higher terpene level and overall quality than extracts made from dry trim material. Very premium quality and excellent potency!