Dosidos Live-Resin From 3Fer Extracts

3FER-tie-dye 2.png

This Saturday 11/11 we'll have a fresh drop of Dosidos live-resin from 3fer Extracts available.

This extract retains the full terpene-profile of Dosidos with notes of "rug-burn Kush & spicy Bay Area Cookies" on the exhale.

The powerful indica dominant effect is deeply relaxing; ideal for muscle relaxation, easing stress, and promoting good sleep. Just one vapor 'dab' off a glass nail delivers an instant full-bodied therapeutic buzz from head-to-toe. Perfect for winding down after a long day, reducing chronic pain, & relieving anxiety.  

3fer Extracts is a Sacramento based company that specializes in producing indoor-grown cured flowers as well as hydrocarbon extracts. Their company produces a wide range of cultivars with an emphasis on classic sativa-hybrid varieties such as their signature Super Lemon Haze & Shire (Silver Haze x Durban Poison)

Dosidos was bred by Archive Seed Bank by crossing OGKB Girl Scout CookiesFace Off OG bx1. The strain has recently become one of the most popular indica dominant kush-hybrids in the cannabis community in part to its outstanding medicinal strength and old-school 'Kush inspired' flavor.