Fantastic Flavors from Flow Kana!

If you are a fan of family owned-farms, sustainable grow practices, and sticky greenhouse nugs then Flow Kana is the brand for you! They partner with local farmers in the Emerald Triangle to cultivate distinct, tasty bud only the beautiful microclimate of Northern California can produce.

Current Lineup includes:

Rose Gold (23.68% THC) has a noticeable nose of grapefruit and sweet champagne. A hybrid of Royal Rose x Royal OG x Truth Miyagi OG, the Sativa-dominant roots are apparent in the savory diesel taste of the bud. A fun, bubbly high Rose Gold is an excellent way to start the day.

Extreme Cream (22.21% THC) is a delightful cross of Cookies and Cream x Extreme OG. The sweet aroma of pine and vanilla bean follows through in the taste of this ultra-relaxing, Indica-dominant hybrid.

Death Star (19.33% THC) - This bud packs a substantial punch with its sweet, bourbon barbecue smell and Sour Diesel x Sensi Star genetics. It has a delightfully euphoric high but the Sensi Star keeps your body heavy.

Strawberry Banana OG (22.85% THC) - One of the tastiest strains available today this smoke starts off tasting like cotton candy and finishes with notes of a strawberry banana smoothie. Don’t let the “OG” in the name fool you, this particular phenotype is Sativa-dominant and the high is long lasting.

Boss OG (21.87% THC) - Opening a jar of Boss OG unleashes a succulent, fruity medley of mango, grapefruit, and pineapple. This hybrid is gracefully balanced with the right amount of cerebral stimulation and physical tranquility.


Article & photography by Courtney Wagner