Amazing Live Resins By The Village x Moxie

We have an amazing collaboration from The Village & Moxie available. 

  • Mimosa V6 THCA - $35+tax per half gram
  • Mimosa V6 Sauce - $35+tax per half gram
  • Garlic Cake Sauce - $35+tax per half gram
  • Sundae Driver 19 x Purple Punch Budder - $35+tax per half gram

The Mimosa V6 THCA & sauce has a lip smacking citrusy flavor and a powerful euphoric high. The effect on THCA is a more powerful while the sauce has a richer flavor.  Mimosa is Clementine x Purple Punch F2

The Garlic Cake THCA & sauce are a 4-way gas blend of Wedding Cake, GMO, Motorbreath, & Triangle OG. The flavor has strong notes of old school kush & chem dog. The THCA has a stronger couch-lock high while the sauce is tastier. 

The Sundae Driver 19 x Purple Punch budder has a skunky flavor and balanced hybrid high.