Amazing Drop From The Village!

We have a phenomenal batch of flowers grown masterfully by The Village

Wifi Mints  - (Wifi 43 x Animal Mints) - Amazing fuel and mint exhale! 

Strawberry Banana - (Banana Kush x Bubblegum bred by Reserva Privada) - Very tasty bubblegum taste and balanced euphoric high. 

Banana Punch 9 - (Banana OG x Purple Punch F2 bred by Symbiotic Genetics) - Tropical pineapple flavor and tranquil indica effect.

Wedding Crasher 4 - (Wedding Cake x Purple Punch F2) - Kushy aroma and soothing relaxing indica high. 

Mimosa V6 - (Clementine x Purple Punch F2) - Delicious citrus and haze flavor along with a soaring euphoric 'productive' high. 

OG Kush - (Classic clone-only kush. Unknown genetics) Old school kush exhale along and a relaxing medicinal body high. 

Wedding Cake - (Triangle Kush x Animal Mints) Delivers the strongest indica buzz on our menu. Tasty kush terps with hints of marshmallow and vanilla. 

Motorbreath 15 - (Chem D x SFV OG) Woodsy fuel flavor and a strong buzzing body and cerebral high. 

$50 per 1/8th + tax

Pictures and descriptions by Eric Solomon


Pictures and descriptions by Eric Solomon.