Absolute Gems from Northern Emeralds!

Northern Emeralds returns with some unbelievably frosty flower! This drop features something for every taste with a mighty Indica, a sweet Hybrid, and a poignant Sativa.

Titan OG put Northern Emerald on the map as one of the most powerful Indica-dominant hybrids to come out of California. OG connoisseurs will appreciate the incredibly earthy pine scent that Titan cranks up to 11. The high is intense all around and not recommended for beginners. - $61.24 per 1/8th OTD

Durban Poison is a classic Sativa landrace strain that has been done absolute justice by Northern Emeralds. Once opened, a jar of this overpowers everything in its surroundings with crisp lemon and fresh pine. Perfect for starting the day, the high is an electrifying jolt of energy and concentration. - $61.03 per 1/8th OTD

Sapphire Kush sounds like it would be incredibly relaxing but this Kush has a kick! Ideal for a day of creative adventures, this hybrid is extremely euphoric and invigorating while melting away body aches. The bud has a slow creeping smell of sweet berries and bubblegum, with a proper earthy musk to finish. - $61.03 per 1/8th OTD

Titan OG and Sapphire Kush are rarely seen outside of Northern Emeralds, get yours now before they’re gone!