Complete Pain Relief with C.A.D!


Every product from Carter’s Aromatherapy Design is 100% organic, non-GMO, and vegan. These topicals are infused with small batch, sun-loved California cannabis and a thoughtful blend of essential oils. If you suffer from chronic pain or chronic skin issues like psoriasis, these creams could provide immediate, convenient relief in your every day pain management.

C.A.D’S commitment to quality:

“Delivering health & happiness has been our promise since day one. Our targeted formulas and proprietary dosage technology help us guarantee that promise; ensuring a safe, targeted, consistent and repeatable experience each and every time.”

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Lotions -
May help with: muscles, joints, arthritis, body aches, psoriasis, severe back pain, cramps & everyday pain.

  • Nana’s Cooling Greaze - $54.81 OTD
    (100mg CBD : 280mg THC)

  • Tier 1 Pain Cream - $60.90 OTD
    (200mg CBD : 20mg THC)

  • Mimosa 1:1 Cream - $73.08 OTD
    (190mg CBD : 115mg THC)

  • Tier 3 Extra Strength Pain Cream - $146.16 OTD
    (440mg CBD : 46mg THC)

  • Rasta Pain Cream - $219.24 OTD
    (1000mg CBD : 600mg THC)

  • Foxy Rose Cream - $60.90 OTD
    (156mg CBD : 14mg THC)
    This cream is particularly helpful with: inflammation, healing wounds, hydration, acne, stretch marks, relaxation & damaged skin.

Roll Ons -

  • Mimosa 1:1 - $48.72 OTD
    (90mg CBD : 90mg THC)

  • Cooling - $60.90 OTD
    (142mg CBD : 154mg THC)

Capsules -

  • 40mg CBD | 5 count - $45.07 OTD

Article and photography by Courtney Wagner.

Article and photography by Courtney Wagner.