Wedding Crasher Flowers By The Village x Symbiotic Genetics

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This Saturday 11/18 we'll have an assortment of Wedding Crasher phenotypes grown by The Village and bred by Symbiotic Genetics available to our members!

This is the premiere release of cured flowers for this new strain created by the team at Symbiotic Genetics. 

Wedding Crasher is a cross of Wedding Cake & Purple Punch. The strain has a 'mellow earthy kushy food-like' aroma with notes of gas, spice, & blue sports-drink. Some phenotypes lean more towards their Wedding Cake heritage; featuring a stronger body-high along with a more "woodsy kushy" terpene profile. Grinding down the buds on these phenotypes brings out an "OGesk fuel-like campfire" aroma. Other phenotypes lean more towards their Purple Punch ancestry; delivering a soothing tranquil effect along with a flavor reminiscent of old-school Grandaddy Purple. Each phenotype of Wedding Crasher has its own unique variation of flavor & medicinal effect.

Come try out the various Wedding Crasher phenotypes! There will be 9 phenotypes available total. Very limited supply; grams only. $10 per gram. 

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Pictured is Wedding Crasher grown by @_thevillage.

Pictured is Wedding Crasher grown by @_thevillage.

Cannabis "phenotypes" can best be understood as variations of cannabis plants that come from the same parents. 

In the medical cannabis community, the term "phenotype" is generally used to express the definition of the term "genotype". When breeding cannabis plants, each seed produces is its own specific genotype (i.e. DNA makeup). Each genotype has its own unique set of phenotypical properties (e.g. aroma, potency, medicinal effect). The term "phenotype" (in botany) typically refers to a specific (observable) plant characteristic or trait. The unique traits that make each plant different are referred to as "phenotypical variations". It's common for seeds from the same parents to express some similar phenotypical properties while also expressing unique traits as well.