Fresh Banana Punch #9 Flowers by The Village

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We just released a fresh batch of Banana Punch #9 cured flowers grown masterfully by The Village & bred by Symbiotic Genetics.

This cultivar is a cross of Banana Kush (Poofer's cut) and Symbiotic's flagship Purple Punch F2 elite male.  The "#9" phenotype selected by The Village is Banana Kush dominant, but has a unique terpene profile & effect that sets it apart from both of its parents. 

The buds have a soft wafting aroma reminiscent of tropical bubblegum, banana sorbet, & chalky pink artificial-strawberry amoxicillin medicine. The flavor is mellow but complex; with notes of a light chalky banana rind & hints of skunky kush & GDP in the mix. 

The effect is more cerebral in nature. Very spacey, relaxing, carefree, creative, and tranquil. Not very heavy on the body, but like Banana Kush can be a bit foggy, hazy, and tranquilizing. Great daytime/afternoon variety for relaxing without being particularly sleepy or sedative. Has a subtle effect on the body with a strong tranquil effect on the mind. Great for getting lost in thought or pursuing a creative endeavor.  

This is one of Symbiotic Genetics most highly touted creations to date in part for its fresh tropical essence, amazing ice-water-hash, and tranquil therapeutic qualities.

Stop by SSCC and try it out! $55 per eighth 3.5 grams.