Banana Punch Live Rosin By Raw Garden x Symbiotic Genetics


We just released a fresh batch of Banana Punch live-rosin grown, extracted, and pheno-hunted by the team at Raw Garden

Banana Punch is bred by Symbiotic Genetics, and is a cross of Banana Kush & Purple Punch F2

This phenotype has a very dank fresh Banana rind essence with undertones fresh clay & Purple Punch.

The balanced hybrid effect is more cerebral. Not a heavy body effect, but a relaxing tranquil hazy effect on the mind. 

This 'live-rosin' extract is made by pressing ice-water-hash between heated plates using a 'rosin press'. No solvents or chemicals are used in the extraction process. 

The term "live-rosin" refers to a form of rosin that's made from "ffwp" ice-water-hash. Extracts made from ffwp (fresh-frozen whole-plant)material are richer in terpenes, and generally thought to be of higher quality than extracts made from dry plant material.

Raw Garden produces high quality "farm-to-bowl" Clean Green Certified flowers and extracts from their sustainable farm in Southern California.