Northern Emeralds Now Available!

Humboldt County has been known as a hub of innovative, quality cannabis for decades. The folks at Northern Emeralds have taken the best ethics and practices from that culture to produce a line of flower like no other. They source renewable energies for power and recycle up to 85% of water usage to craft premium cannabis that not only makes you feel good but you can feel good about smoking.

Titan OG (24% THC) made Northern Emerald a household name among stoners. The scent of this bud alone is enough to satisfy. All the musty, earthy goodness you would expect from an OG sprinkled with notes of citrus, pine and sweet spice. It hits them all! Speaking of impact, Titan OG will make any behemoth take a seat after a few hits. The high is luxuriously tranquil for the mind and the body.

Mother’s Milk (24% THC) is a gorgeous Sativa-dominant cross of Nepali OG x Appalachia bred by Bodhi Seeds. The scrumptious scent of oregano and gouda translates to a zesty citrus taste upon smoking. An uplifting energy perks up your mind upon the first few inhales. Eventually a calm sedation sneaks in that leaves the mind clear and the body ready for the couch.

We currently have these strains available for order in-store and online here .


Article and photography by Courtney Wagner.