New Raw Garden Release!

Raw Garden has quickly become the go-to concentrate for many extract enthusiasts. For the quality, price, and strain selection it just can’t be beat! Every terpene rich gram of sauce is crystalized from single-source, fresh-frozen, whole-plant flowers. What does this mean for you? Each batch is unique, curated meticulously and refined using some of the best technology available.

The lovely people at Raw Garden have put this same care into their new line of vape cartridges. A combination of live resin and traditional vape distillate, these cartridges will immediately elevate everything about your vaping experience from the flavor to the high. Like always with Raw Garden, you don’t have to fork out the big bucks to enjoy this new venture: half grams are only $30 plus tax.

We currently have the following strains available…

Full gram live resin sauce

Dr. Extreme - 64.33% THC - Indica dominant hybrid cross of Extreme OG x Kosher Chem x Extreme Kosher

Slym’n Sap - 66.7% THC - Sativa dominant hybrid cross of Slymer x Citrus Sap x Extreme OG

Skyhound - 69.13% THC - Indica dominant hybrid cross of Sour Hound x Skydoggie

Dos y Dos - 69% THC - Indica dominant hybrid cross of Girl Scout Cookies x Face Off OG

Zookies - 65.64% THC - Indica dominant hybrid cross of Animal Cookies x GG #4 *Emerald Cup 2018 2nd Place

Citrus OG - 68.64% THC - Indica dominant hybrid cross of Citrus Sap x Extreme OG

Half gram vape cartridges

Animus Sky - 79.22% THC - Indica dominant cross of Animus Valley x Skydogging

Beary Shock - 51.2% THC | 29.75% CBD - Indica dominant cross of Beary White x Shark Shock


Article and photography by Courtney Wagner.