Moxie vs The Village: Round 2

The incredible exotic flavor of Sundae Driver #19 expertly cultivated by Sacramento locals at The Village meets the concentrate quality of Moxie in this epic collaboration of live resin concentrates. An Indica dominant hybrid with a euphoric ‘frame of high’ Sundae Driver #19 is an absolute delight to smoke any time, but will have you dragging your feet a bit. We have three live resin incarnations of this stellar flavor profile available: vape cartridge, sauce, and THCA.

The Sundae Driver #19 Live Resin Vape Cartridge is the most convenient way to consume. Crafted from whole, fresh frozen indoor flower the taste of this cartridge is something to behold. The last time Moxie and The Village joined forces they produced the Cannabis Cup award-winning Mimosa live resin vape cartridge. Budtenders still tell tales of its fantastically smooth hit and unbeatable flavor. Nothing to hit our shelves has topped it.

To have the ultimate terpene experience with Sundae Driver #19, the Live Resin Sauce is the way to go. The aroma is exotic and fruity, the flavor more spicy hash and licorice. Creeping slow like classic Blueberry, the high sneaks up and engulfs you in a cocoon of chill you won’t want to leave.

Sundae Driver #19 has quite a compelling effect as flower; experiencing it as THCA is a whole new world. While there is noticeably less flavor in this form, the tremendous full body sedation felt immediately after the first dab more than makes up for it. One could say the high sits on you, locking you into position wherever you’re at.


Article and photography by Courtney Wagner.