New Village Flower Will Blow You Away!

The Village has absolutely outdone themselves with these delectable flowers! A collection of new and old, this drop has something for everyone.

Premiering this Sunday, March 10th alongside some classics we have a CBD-dominant strain from The Village. Those looking for the more medicinal side of cannabis can experience the same superb quality of bud without the intensity THC typically brings.

First timers:

Pai Gow (Jackpot x Purple Punch F2) - 16.74% THC - The taste of this bud is absolutely remarkable! Imagine the intense pine of Durban Poison, the divine citrus essence of Forbidden Fruit and the supreme sweetness of Banana OG intertwining in a symphony of heavenly flavors. 1/8TH - $61.27 out-the-door

Center (Cannatonic x Ultraviolet OG) - 7.99% THC | 11.90% CBD - This is one loud CBD-rich cultivar! Pungent grape and sweet eucalyptus dance you to a clear headed euphoria with this balanced hybrid. 1/8TH - $61.27 OTD

Returning champs:

Wifi Mints (Wifi 43 x Animal Mints) - 23.17% THC - Always an enjoyable, reliable body high with this minty delight. This is a go-to strain for relaxing at night and this rendition is as couch-locking as ever. 1/8TH - $61.27 OTD

GMO (Chemdawg x Girl Scout Cookies) - 32.52% THC - Strap in, because this GMO will take you for a ride! As soon as you open a jar this bud’s stink permeates the whole room with spicy black pepper and rich cumin. The high starts with immediate elation followed by warm whole body sensations. One would think a 32.52 THC percentage would send you to sleep but this high rocks a happy energy the whole time. 1/8TH - $61.27 OTD

Jungle Cake (WiFi 43 x Wedding Cake) - This is The Village’s third iteration of Jungle Cake, and in our opinion the most stellar batch to date. Jungle Cake brings together the creamy kushy goodness of Wedding Cake with the woodsy gassy OG flavor of WiFi 43 (bred by OG Rascal). The effect delivers a crisp buzzing body-high that fades into a thick blanket of indica warmth that will really sit you back. This is one of the strongest indica cultivars we have to offer!

Wedding Crasher 18 (Wedding Cake x Purple Punch F2) - It’s back! And with more silky blueberry flavor & soothing indica warmth than ever. This indica dominant cultivar has a rich silky fruity flavor with notes of blueberry preserve and classic Grandaddy Purple. The ever creeping indica high is warm, soothing, and tranquil; perfect for relaxing the body and getting a good nights sleep. People who appreciate the soporific medicinal qualities of classic Purple Urkle will love the warmth & tranquility of this incredible strain.

Order yours online here and pick-up in store before 8pm day of order.

Sign up for our text alerts to receive a text-only coupon on 03/10 for $5 off any 1/8th by The Village (*limit 1). Text “Go” 1-844-626-9524 to sign up.

Article written by Courtney Wagner & Eric Solomon

Save this coupon to your phone to receive $5 off an 1/8th of Village flower on Sunday, March 10th! Don’t miss out on this epic drop!

Save this coupon to your phone to receive $5 off an 1/8th of Village flower on Sunday, March 10th! Don’t miss out on this epic drop!