Alien Labs Invasion

The funky, out-of-this world flower by Alien Labs is now available at South Sacramento Care Center!

Baklava - 22.41% THC - A fabulously gassy hybrid cross of Kosher Kush and Gelato #41 this Baklava will surely help you blast off. The first taste is classic OG diesel but it finishes with gelato creamy goodness. $68.63 out-the-door per 1/8th

Melonade - 27.22% THC - This mouthwatering cross of Watermelon Zkittles and Lemon Tree won Best Sativa at the 2018 Cannabis Cup. Refreshing citrus and sweet melon dance their way along your tastebuds and skip all the way to your brain where this happy Sativa hybrid truly shines.   $67.33 OTD per 1/8th

Stardust - 25.08% THC - This strain may have a mysterious lineage but there is no question about whether this Indica-dominant hybrid will have you melting into cosmic goo. Just a slight crack of the jar and earthy, OG spice rolls through the whole room. $67.33 OTD per 1/8th

Galactic Gas - 25% THC - Seems redundant but Galactic Gas could not be more aptly named because this is straight gas. A smashing hit with budtenders and customers alike, this Indica dominant hybrid is loud in flavor and experience without busting the budget. $30.31 OTD per 1/8th

Scroll to the bottom for your chance to try an Alien Labs top shelf 1/8th for $10 off!

*Alien Labs will be in the shop on Friday, March 29th from 4-7pm*

Article and photography by Courtney Wagner.

Article and photography by Courtney Wagner.