Raw Garden Madness


Crafted from fresh-frozen, whole-plant flowers Raw Garden is quality you can taste. We can’t get enough Raw Garden goodness!

This week we have 3 new radical strains from Raw Garden hitting the shelves:

Lucy Punch sauce - Indica dominant (Lucy x Lime OG x Purple Punch)

Sun Drop sauce - Sativa dominant (Slymer x Chem Haze.)

Bangorang live resin - Indica dominant (Strawberry Sap x Extreme Berry x Sun Drop x Extreme Kosher x Strawberry Glue x AOC x Fire OG x Lime OG x Headband x Slymer)….yes these really are the genetics, we did a double take and double checked with Raw ourselves!

Some incredible live resin sauces added last week:

Island Breeze - Sativa dominant (Chem Haze x Animus Valley x Leeroy OG)

Blue Sky Valley - Indica dominant (GG#4 x Animus Valley x Blue Kush)

Chem Trails - Indica dominant (Kosher Chem x Leeroy OG x Extreme OG x Citrus Sap)

Some of the best vape cartridges we’ve ever had the pleasure of inhaling:

Lime Drop - Sativa dominant (Lime Mojito x Sun Drop)

Citrus Valley - Sativa dominant (Sour Tangie x Orange Glue x Animus Valley)

Fantasy Island -Sativa dominant (Slymer x Cherry Slurm)

Blueberry Punch - Indica dominant (Blue Kush x Beary White x Purple Punch)

3 Bears - Indica dominant (Bear OG x Karma’s OG Cut x Triangle Kush)

Want to try them all but not break the bank? We’ve got your back! This week’s raffle features Raw Garden swag and coupons for Raw Garden full grams of sauce as well as the half gram vape cartridges. You can enter by checking in on the Baker iPad in store.

Plus, scroll to the bottom of this article to find $5 off any Raw Garden concentrate for this Thursday, March 14th!

All these strains and more are currently available.

Full gram live resin/sauce - $38.80 out-the-door

Half gram live resin + distillate vape carts: $36.37 OTD


Article and photography by Courtney Wagner.