Moxie Dart Revolution!


Experience the smoothest vape possible with the new Dart Pods by Moxie!

This next generation vaporizer is specifically designed for the award-winning oils of Moxie and provides an exceptional flavor with every inhale. Not only does the Dart deliver an unbelievably smooth experience, but it does so for longer! Seriously, this battery is the longest lasting vape battery we have ever had the pleasure of using.

We’re not usually fans of buying a whole new vape battery but the Dart is worth it for $32.63 out-the-door.

Check out these delightfully delicious half gram cartridges for $42.71 OTD:

  • Blood Orange - 83% THC

  • Grand Daddy Purple - 84% THC

  • Melonwreck - 81% THC

  • Peach Rings - 81% THC

  • Member Berry - 84% THC

  • Pineapple Chunk - 84% THC

  • Sour Apple Haze - 81% THC

  • Peppermint - 50% CBD

  • Mango Kush - 50% CBD

Article and Photography by Courtney Wagner.

Article and Photography by Courtney Wagner.