Standing Ovation for Suprize Suprize

Suprize Suprize is the brainchild of the founder of Royal Key Organics. It was born out of a desire to combine premium flower and top notch concentrate crafters; all with with an artistic edge. Each gram of (whole plant, fresh frozen) live resin extract by Suprize Suprize comes with a limited edition pin created by emerging artists like Mason Brown.

We have quite the line up of exquisite concentrates that utilize top shelf flower from cannabis moguls like The Village and Alien Labs! Suprize Suprize also features collaborations with sun loved flowers from the likes of Humboldt county growers Rebel Grown and more.

We usually feature Surpize Suprize as 25% off but for a limited time all grams are 40% off! Plus if you come in the shop now through May 10th, buy one 1/8th of flower by The Village and get a gram of Suprize Suprize for 50% off.

Full gram at 40% off price: $62.64 out-the-door* for a limited time.

  • Double OG Chem (Rebel Grown) - 68% THC

  • Stardust (Rebel Grown) - 83% THC

  • Strawberry Jam (Woodman Peak Farms) - 78% THC

Full gram at 40% off price: $78.30 out-the-door* for a limited time.

  • Papaya Mimosa (The Village) - 79% THC

  • Melonade (Alien Labs) - 81% THC

  • Orange Creamsicle (Dragon with Matches) - 83% THC


Article and photography by Courtney Wagner.